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Looking to find the best PC games to play in your free time? At G5, we have everything you need to have a relaxing online experience in the comfort of your own home – for free. Whether you work remotely or commute to the office, your computer doesn't have to be useful just to do your job! Your PC can also be a top source of free online entertainment, leisure, and adventure, with hundreds of new games available for you to play any time of the day.

Whether you're sporting a bulky, powerful desktop PC or a super-light laptop running Windows, G5 has a lot to offer. Our free casual games for computers aren't demanding of your specs and will run swiftly on almost any configuration without any issues. That's why, when you download a free full version of any G5 game for Windows, you can be sure that all the adventures it has in store for you are right at your fingertips, any day of the week, day or night. So, without further ado, let's dive into the amazing world of casual games, puzzles, and mysteries that are waiting for you right here on this page! 


Why should I play casual games by G5 on Windows?

Desktops have a reputation around the world for being reliable workhorses from the moment they leave store shelves – and not much else. But, as an experienced PC user, you know that there's so much more to it than meets the eye. When you sit down at your desk at home, you can be online in a matter of seconds and have all the joys of the Internet at your disposal. And what is more enjoyable than playing free PC games? Don't take our word for it this time. Check out our online portal and discover the wide variety of puzzles and other new games that we offer, which you can play to your heart's content and always for free!

Microsoft Windows has been a staple in the PC world for the longest time, and things seem to be stable for this operating system. Most of the computers run Windows as their OS, and here's why. Microsoft Windows is easy to use, friendly, flexible, and allows users to tailor the PC experience to their own needs and tastes. That's why all G5 casual games offer free full versions for Windows PCs. The more players can enjoy our titles, the more joy we bring to the world, and that's our primary goal.

Here at G5, we're big fans of all the products Microsoft has to offer the world. Not only for their top quality and reliability but also because of the great online support they provide all the time to make sure you always have a good entertainment experience. That's why we also make sure to have all the best new games available for PC users to play. On our website, you'll always find:

- Top-rated new games – from puzzles to classics – optimized for your desktop
- A vibrant online community of like-minded players who come here to enjoy relaxing adventures just like you
- Timely support to help with any issue you may encounter
- The best new and timeless content that you won't be able to find in other online game stores.


Hidden Object Games

HOGs or hidden object games are stories filled with mystery and beauty. In these casual games for PC, you become a detective solving cases or an explorer unraveling mysteries. The levels have beautifully drawn scenes where you find hidden items. These games are perfect for those who love a good story with unexpected twists. Its relaxed gameplay will fit players who don't like being too tense and sitting on the edge of their seats all the time.



Mahjong is a classic game made for computers. In this solo version, you match pairs of identical tiles to clear the table. It might seem easy, but there are tricks that make these puzzles challenging. The fantastic artwork and sound make it an immersive experience.



Playing cards is a classic choice for games, even when you're alone. G5 has a Tri-Peaks style solitaire app for mobile. With colorful visuals and fun puzzles, it offers a great experience for any Windows PC player. Shuffle those cards!



Grow crops, take care of adorable animals, and sell your harvest for profit. Now you can do all this classic farm fun on your home or work PC. Install the game and start sowing the fields!



Match-3 is a favorite puzzle genre for mobile players. These games are simple and engaging. G5 has a variety of titles, from history-themed games to casual city-building and home-decoration titles. We've got it all – check out the assortment!


Word Games

G5 has a game about letters and words as well! If you're into classic crosswords and scrabble kind of fun, check out Wordplay, a casual and intuitive game that won't take up much space on your hard drive but will give your vocabulary a real workout.


What are the most downloaded casual games?

PC gamers are a breed of their own. We know you are top discerning individuals who value their time and don't just play any free game, even if it's brand new. You want only the best in the world and can spend hours upon hours online looking for the highest-quality games to play on PC. And don't worry. We definitely have you covered on that front.


There are a lot of themes to choose from. Just take a quick look at some of the most popular ones. 

- Players who enjoy the historical allure will find some amazing casual games in different genres that take you to various times in our past: from the age of the Pyramids to the high noon of the Roman Empire to the dusty prairie trails of the Frontier towns in North America. Choose your era and start your adventure on PC!
- If you're into makeovers and design, you'll find your fix with several games for computers from our selection: be it a big-city project, a quaint tourist location by the sea, or even a try at bringing an abandoned mansion in Hawaii back to its original glory.
- Like detective stories and mystery cases? How about being the main investigator in one of them? G5 offers a bunch of great adventures in the world of crime, evidence hunting, and clever deduction! Solve puzzles with the most renowned detective of all times as you restore order in the plots of classical literature, jump into a portal leading to a ghost city in the skies, or experience the thrill of true crime as you catch criminals in iconic cities like LA and New York.
- Finally, if you're a fan of the unknown, mystical, and otherworldly, check out G5 hidden object games that will give you goosebumps. Untangle a web of mystical and unexplainable events against a backdrop of 20th-century white picket fence America, travel through portals to parallel universes in search of a lost relative, or explore France in the Age of Enlightenment in search of an all-powerful artifact! 

That's just the tip of the iceberg, though! Take a look through the catalog to spot the perfect adventure for you that'll push all the right buttons and check all the right boxes. You're guaranteed to find it here!


Is it free to play on Windows?

All G5 games are available to download and to play for free on Windows. All in-game content is available at no extra cost. You can unlock all the locations, storylines, and plot twists simply by playing the game. However, if you ever feel like you need a boost or wish to progress faster, you can always purchase special in-game items from the game's store. These will help you complete challenging levels with ease and give temporary boosts so you can reap maximum rewards for playing.


Is there any age limit to play?

Our casual games, be they match-3 puzzles, wordplay, or hidden object games, are intended for a vast audience. Your experience will mostly depend on how you decide to play. We've noticed that younger players tend to skip all the story and dialogue and rush into gameplay, while more mature gamers like to take it slow and really immerse themselves in the narrative, enjoying all the nuances of the story. Also, many mature players note an increase in cognitive abilities after starting to play casual games regularly and trying all the various mini-games in G5 titles. Independent scientific studies also confirm this, showing that gamers do better in tests on visual acuity, mental flexibility, memory, and attention compared to people who do not play at all.


Find your new community with us

Another reason we take such pride in offering free PC games is that so many people around the world own a desktop. Community is one of the main pillars of everything we do here at G5. Offering the best new PC games guarantees that we'll have a legion of loyal players, always online, always having fun, and always networking with fellow gamers around the world. What that means for you is an enhanced entertainment experience where you'll never feel alone, even if you never leave your home.

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