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Free New Puzzle Games for Mac and Much More

As an Apple user, you choose to have the best of the best all the time. You know how to search and find all the top-quality products to enhance your home life and experience the best that the online world has to offer. So when it comes to free entertainment, why settle for anything less?

Welcome to G5 Games, the online portal where you can find not only dozens of free new games, but the best that the gaming world has to offer. And we’re not just saying this lightly. Apple users such as yourself are the cool, popular kids on the block. You own the newest top-rated devices and can choose to switch seamlessly from your iPhone to your MacBook and vice versa. We strive to offer you the same seamless experience with your games so that you can play anytime, go on online adventures, and solve engaging puzzles without problems or interruptions.

Top Quality is our Top Priority

G5 doesn’t simply host free games for Mac and iPhone. We spend our time carefully finding and supporting every new game that joins our roster and make sure that each and every one of the apps on our online store boasts:

 - Crisp graphics with colors that pop out of the screen

 - A sleek user interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate

 - Fresh, new, unlimited free content that will keep you playing and having fun for all time

 - Minimal lag so nothing takes you out of your adventure

Whether you choose to keep your Apple devices at home or at the office, you’ll find that G5 Games works just as well on any kind of Internet connection – because we know flexibility is important to you. And of course, we offer free top of the line support at any time of the day so that any new issues can be resolved just as quickly as they arise.

The Most Popular Games Right at Your Fingertips

Many in the gaming world believe that the best computer games can be found only available for PCs. That’s probably because they’ve never played games for MacBook Pro, or iMac, or any other Apple device. Steve Jobs did a top-notch job (no pun intended) creating the most versatile products that not only stand the test of time but can be used for work and leisure and every adventure in between.

Here at G5 Games we are big fans of Apple and everything they produce so we, as users of iPhones, MacBooks, and iMacs, choose to create new games that we personally would be happy playing on our own devices at home. Don’t believe us? Here is just a small sample of all the games to play on Mac for free right here, in our online portal:

 - Sherlock: a literary adventure unlike anything you’ve ever played before

 - Jewels of Rome, Jewels of the Wild West, and Jewels of Egypt: the hit series of match-3 puzzle games that take you across time and history

 - Crime Mysteries and Homicide Squad: investigative games that take problem-solving to a whole new level

 - Hidden City, The Hidden Treasures, and Letters from Nowhere: search and find hidden objects in these thrilling titles

 - Mayor Match and Virtual City Playground: become a leader and build the cities of your dreams

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