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Jewels of the Wild West®: Gems puzzles & Diamond quests


Travel back in time in Jewels of the Wild West® and experience the thrilling adventure of being a gunslinger! A fun story set in a struggling frontier town in a faraway and beautiful corner of the Old West, this unforgettable place needs your help to be brought back to its former glory. Play thousands of cowboy-style match-3 levels, meet charismatic characters, follow the suspenseful storyline and help transform this resilient town into the pride of the Wild West!
Jewels of the Wild West® is a unique and epic combination of Western city building and match-3, tied together with a storyline full of twists and turns and the free spirits and hardscrabble realities of the Wild West. You're a talented builder and cowboy who's responded to a Help Wanted ad in Colinstown, a troubled outpost in the Old West. Help the determined citizens, including a tough gunslinger named Jack, revive their community after devastating attacks by the Butler Gang, who may be bankrolled by the corrupt tycoon Richard Pierce. Reconstruct an impressive town worthy of Wild West legends, become the new mayor of Colinstown and thwart the evil machinations of the outlaws and their gunslingers to ensure that fortune favors your citizens once again!

  • PLAY through a unique combination of match-3 and city building in one game
  • GO on an adventure filled with the history and tales of the Wild West
  • MEET townspeople, cowboys, miners, bankers, outlaws and bounty hunters on your way to prosperity
  • MASTER thousands of unique match-3 levels
  • WIELD incredible boosters and power-up combos
  • UNLOCK a variety of beautiful buildings and town landmarks to rebuild and upgrade
  • FOLLOW your friends’ progress with the innovative built-in social network

You can play this game whether you’re offline or online.


English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese


Compatible with:
iOS: iPhone 5S and higher, iPad mini 2 and higher, iPad 5 and higher, iPod Touch 6th and higher 12.0+ firmware
Mac\G5 Mac: macOS 10.14 or later
Android: 4.4 and up, Kindle Fire
G5 Android: 5.0 or later
Windows: 10 or later

Age rating

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Take a trip to the past and lead a Wild West town to prosperity with your wisdom, determination, and bravery! Enjoy the perfect mix of a Western city builder and three-in-a-row mechanics tied together by a thrilling storyline set against the background of a beautiful frontier town. You'll need logic, strategy, cunning, and a whole lot of courage to reconstruct the struggling settlement and protect the townspeople from nasty outlaws and bounty hunters. Don't wait, cowboy. Giddy up and download it now! 

About Jewels of the Wild West

Jewels of the Wild West is set in a quiet, faraway place called Colinstown. Despite not being a popular travel destination, it manages to attract the wrong people, namely the mystery Butler Gang, which is said to be financed by corrupt tycoon Richard Pierce. You take on the role of a courageous gunslinger who responds to a Help Wanted ad issued by the townsfolk. Facing off against well-organized criminals is not an easy task, so you'll first need to gain the support of all citizens of Colinstown: from miners and bankers to cow-boys and the sheriff. Only by joining forces and combining your efforts will you be able to fend off the mean no-goodniks, rebuild the town to its former glory, and make it a true diamond of the Old West, which it surely deserves to be. 

Your exciting Western story, full of unexpected twists and turns, will take you on a fun and unforgettable journey along the dusty trails of the Wild West. Your goal will be to become the new mayor of Colinstown, make sure the inhabitants are safe, and oversee renovation work on many unkempt buildings. In terms of gameplay, you'll most often match 3 in a row to complete numerous quests, but you'll also have a part-time job as a builder to help reconstruct this beautiful town. Blast through amazing levels using power-ups, unlock achievements, receive cool rewards, and bejewel Colinstown! 


History of Jewels of the Wild West

After long development aimed at satisfying the expectations of our players, Jewels of the Wild West saw its global f2p (free to play) release on April 8, 2020. After that date, there have been a total of 11 major updates, and new ones still come out on a regular basis. 

What are Match 3 Games

A casual game refers to a type of video game suitable for players of any background. These titles are simple enough to learn for non-gamers yet challenging enough to keep even renowned cyber athletes glued to the screen. Match 3 is a magic subgenre of casual games that is built upon known mechanics of matching same-color pieces on a game field to score points.

General Information


Jewels of the Wild West has to offer over several thousand match-3 levels featuring all types of challenges and objectives, so even the most die-hard fans of this genre will find something fresh and engaging in its gameplay. 


Jewels of the Wild West is a game suitable for players of all ages and skill sets with challenges of ever-increasing difficulty. Initially, the objectives are simple and easy, allowing players to get used to controls and learn to hunt for jewels in a match three setting. However, as the storyline progresses, completing missions becomes harder. At advanced levels, players can expect difficult obstacles and interferences that put their abilities to the ultimate test.


Although there are a lot of match-three games available, the fundamental gameplay rules typically remain constant, and Jewels of the Wild West is no exception. Every level exhibits a field containing 3D gems or jewels of varying colors. During their turn, players exchange positions of any two adjacent pieces to match a sequence of three or more, resulting in a combination. Configured combinations vanish, allowing for fresh pieces to emerge. Each level gives players particular objectives: at times, they may need to eliminate a specific number of same-type jewels, while other instances require them to eliminate obstacles or interact with particular portions of the game area. The complexity of level objectives increases proportionally as players advance in the game. There are means by which you can assist yourself in achieving these objectives, but we'll delve into that further below.

Genre of Game


  • Casual


  • Match 3 
  • City builder


Access Mode

To enjoy unlimited match three entertainment in Jewels of the Wild West, registering or having a consistent internet connection is unnecessary. All you have to do is download and install the free game on your device from any app store. Your device will save your progress which will later sync with cloud services once your device has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Alternatively, you can opt to enjoy the Western magic directly in your browser by heading over to G5's official website, selecting the title of your choice and hitting PLAY. However, a strong and stable connection is required if you choose to use this method for your gaming session.

Types of Access

  • Online
  • Offline


Features and Game Mechanics

Match3 4fun: Using Tools and Boosters

The primary mechanic in Jewels of the Wild West is to match three in a row, which has already been described in this guide. However, sometimes merely shifting jewels on a game board isn't enough to fulfill all tasks in a level. In such cases, you'll discover numerous helpful tools that can speed up your progress in achieving excellent outcomes. In particular, boosters like Shotguns will allow you to remove whole areas of pieces from the puzzle screen, while others like Boots will add more turns to a level. Some of them even enhance your probability of obtaining specific rewards: for instance, Native Citizen's Journal gives you a guaranteed EXP boost for exploring buildings. Which boosters you use depends solely on your playthrough strategy.


City Building

Another vital in-game mechanic is constructing the village, which in time evolves into Western city-building. Erecting buildings in your settlement unlocks new story and dialogue options and reveals new quest chains. For example, rebuilding a Telegraph will let the townsfolk communicate with the outside world, and renovating an Apothecary will improve their well-being. Therefore, you must use resources intelligently, foresee upcoming requirements, and make trade-offs, exactly like a real mayor trying to optimize their limited resources in order to reach the best possible outcomes.

Rewards for Completing Collections

In addition to diverse rewards associated with primary quests, you can sometimes get special collection items after completing a level. If, at some point, you get all the items belonging to a certain collection, that collection is considered complete, and that gives you additional rewards. Immerse yourself in the game and assemble the 3D item collections in their complete magnificence!

Registration and Purchases

Jewels of the Wild West is a free-to-play puzzle game with no in-app purchases required to access all of the title's features. However, the game presents various boosters, bonuses, and packages of in-game items that can improve your gameplay and enable faster advancement through the challenges. These bonuses can be acquired through in-app purchases.

You don't need to register to play the game, but registering with the G5 Friends service has numerous benefits, like keeping your puzzle progress synced across multiple devices, receiving exclusive rewards, and accessing special offers. Be sure to explore this feature if you're committed to experiencing the game's full potential.


How to Play

To play Jewels of the Wild West, start the game on your device after installation or access it for free from the G5 official website via a web browser.

How to Install

To install the puzzle game, click on the link of your preferred app store and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

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