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Looking for the best new games for iOS that you can play for free? You've come to the right place! It's time for you to discover why iPhone users around the world love all our free iOS apps and can't stop playing every game on our mobile roster. G5 Games is the best iOS gaming platform and a great home for all your gaming needs, whether you're looking to challenge yourself with new brain-teasing puzzles or just have a fun, relaxed day with your mobile apps.

All the Best iOS App Features

iPhones are great little mobile machines. You have the world at your fingertips. With just a tap on your screen, you're free to do everything from a full day's work from home to creating a new piece of art. iPhone apps can also be the best source of fun times, and a prime example of that, of course, is mobile games.

Mobile games on iPhones are a great source of joy, as well as a time-tested way to kick back after a long day. Modern mobile titles, and especially the ones released by G5, have everything a gamer may need: intriguing stories, rich characters, engaging puzzle mechanics, various mini-games, great HD graphics, and social features to connect you with the community. Despite fitting on a small handheld device, games for mobile platforms offer a ton of features that'll keep you coming back for more.

On top of being fun, iPhone games are also beneficial for your cognitive abilities. Several independent studies showed that people who regularly play video games do better in tests on visual acuity, attention, mental flexibility, and memory compared to people who do not. So, mobile games aren't just fun, colorful puzzles. They're also a free treadmill for your mind, a tool to keep it sharp and efficient.

One of the things you might hear about games for mobile is that they're just for the kids. That is as far from the truth as can be. Popular mobile puzzles like match-3, mahjong, solitaire, and hidden object games are suitable for all ages! G5 titles are pretty flexible: you can play them competitively fast, skipping most of the plot, or you can go at a slower pace, enjoying the story and getting to know the characters. That's why G5 titles for mobile are popular among all age groups, including mature players who want to have a relaxing story-rich ride instead of a restless tapfest.


G5 Games is the world's best new platform for free iPhone games. Why? Because we've spent a lot of time and work building a great variety of gaming apps to fulfill the needs of even the most selective mobile gamers. The quality, playability, and fun of our free mobile games are undeniable, and it doesn't take an iOS app expert to figure out why. Just check out our reviews! Players from all over the world love everything we have to offer, and they're not afraid to say we're the best when it comes to gaming.


Why are G5 games the best for iOS?



Our iPhone games are new and free to play. This means that each player who downloads and installs one of G5's mobile games gets access to all the in-game content at no cost whatsoever. That's right! You can play a game for years, take part in all the special and holiday events, enjoy tons of mini-games and puzzles, and not spend a single penny on it. However, there are ways to boost your progress even faster by purchasing certain special tools that help you cut corners and complete challenging levels. These tools are totally optional and not needed to progress, but if you ever feel like you need assistance with a level, you'll be able to arm yourself with the best boosters. Our mobile games are built with gamers in mind. That's why we have great-quality graphics on a screen that fits the whole world in your pocket.



We offer fun new puzzles galore. We know iPhone users love that match-3 action, so we made sure that there are tons of the best free puzzles to choose from. But our expertise is even more varied than that. Take a look. 


Hidden Object Games

One of the most beautiful and story-rich genres from our roster of mobile games. Here, the player takes on the role of a detective or investigator trying to solve a case or get to the bottom of an intriguing mystery. Levels feature gorgeously drawn HD scenes full of intricate detail where you need to spot certain items hidden in plain sight. Hidden Object Games (or HOGs) are an all-time favorite of mature players who enjoy a rich plot with many unexpected twists combined with laid-back gameplay that doesn't require you to be on the edge of your seat.


The solo version of this classic game is relaxing yet challenging: a formation of tiles is laid out on the table, and you try to spot pairs of identical tiles to remove them and eventually clear the table. This may sound easy, but only to someone who's never played a mahjong puzzle for mobile. There are all sorts of tricks that make these puzzles challenging and engaging. The amazing artwork and sound design complete the picture, giving players a fully immersive experience.


Playing cards are a time-tested option when it comes to games, even solo ones. G5 has something to offer in this department as well – a TriPeaks-style solitaire app for mobile with colorful visuals and fun puzzle gameplay. Shuffle up those cards and turn your trusty iPhone into a solitaire powerhouse!


How would you like to grow some crops, provide a loving home for a bunch of adorable farm animals, and then reap the harvests to sell it all for profit? We've got you covered, farmer! The classic fun of tilling fields is now available for mobile. Just install the game on your iPhone and start growing crops!


Last but not least, we've got everyone's favorite mobile puzzle genre – Match-3. These games have been a huge hit on iPhone since day one, and they continue to lure in new players every second, thanks to their simple puzzle mechanics and engaging gameplay. G5 offers a variety of titles in this genre, from history-themed games about ancient times to casual city-building and home-decoration titles. We've got it all!



 - Our iOS apps are chock-full of good new content. Every mobile game that we publish comes packed with a series of features that will keep you playing time and time again for free, without a hint of boredom in sight. Our roster consists of many different genres, and the new content varies greatly from game to game, but usually, you can expect a regular update to feature a new story arch, a new character, a new location (for Hidden Object Games), or a new building (in city-building titles), and a ton of new collection items, quests, player avatars, and other minor goodies. It's also fun to note that some of the content added to our mobile games may be familiar to you. For instance, in Sherlock, you travel through different classic books, so in one of the updates, you may go down the rabbit hole with Alice and, in another, meet Snow White in the enchanted forest. So, in short, new content can also be familiar content! 



You can take and play them anywhere at any time. Whether you're chilling at home or on your day's commute to work, our iOS games are inherently mobile: easy to drop in and out of without losing your progress.


Top-rated free games for iPhone

You may ask: “What are the best mobile games out there? Because I would like to enjoy only the content of the highest quality!" Of course, it may be a question of taste when it comes to defining what the best is… But we can assure you that G5 mobile games offer the highest quality of everything: HD graphics, novel-level narratives, intuitive interfaces, support for the widest device range, and, of course, the best gameplay mechanics out there. Not only do we offer fun iPhone games, but we also create and publish GOOD iPhone games that can compete with any of the newest and best-rated mobile gaming apps on the App Store, any day, any time. Don't believe us? Take a look at the features on some of the free games you can play right now on your iOS screen from anywhere in the world:

 - If you're both a fan of Match-3 and a history buff, travel to ancient Egypt to witness the building of the pyramids and take part in court intrigues. Alternatively, check out the Roman town of Cabrera and become a just and wise prefect in these lands!

- Like detective stories and cracking unusual cases? Then, dive into the most unusual investigation that takes place inside plots of popular books and use your deduction skills, or take a more contemporary route and investigate the crimes of a big city aided by witty sidekicks.

- Looking for something otherworldly and unexplainable? Ooh, you can almost hear the eerie music in the distance and see the fog at your feet! Save a partner from the perils of a ghostly city in the skies, or try finding an occult group that holds the keys to many of life's mysteries!

- Ready to get on the high seas and have some fun? Then try to recover a family relic along with a dark secret through numerous HOG and Match-3 levels, or simply build a resort for tired pirates in a humorous little resort-builder.

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