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Twilight Land: Hidden Objects

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    March 18, 2024

    I like Hidden Object Games. This is the first one I have played in a long time. Thanks for the game.

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    February 14, 2024

    Love this game!! Love the colors and it's fun to play!

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    February 10, 2024

    It's a nice and peaceful game where I can focus on and not worry about anything else and it really makes my brain work as I have to find all the objects but either than that it's fun to play.


About Twilight Land

Dare to step into the enigmatic world of Twilight Land and start an unusual adventure in an ordinary 1930-40s quaint American town riddled with dangerous mysteries. In this new brain teaser game from G5 that features a one-of-kind combination of popular match three and hidden object mechanics, you embark on an eerie and thought-provoking journey to unravel the chilling secrets plaguing this quiet community.

This fun, free to play (f2p) adventure for phone, tablet, or PC takes you to a seemingly idyllic town, where everyday life masks a series of unexplained and unsettling mystery events. A sense of otherworldly occurrences and disturbing secrecy hangs in the air. With each passing day, the town's peculiar happenings become more and more impossible to ignore. As you explore the town's districts one by one by solving simple match three puzzles or finding objects in hidden object scenes, you'll uncover some long-forgotten secrets and discover that nothing is as it seems. Supernatural phenomena, inexplicable disappearances, and unnerving encounters with the townsfolk will challenge your perception of reality.

Your journey to restore the town's life back to normal will take you through a series of thrilling standalone fantasy stories, each one with an unexpected twist at the end that'll give you guaranteed goosebumps. Solve match-3 puzzles, seek hidden objects, complete quests, earn achievements, and assemble collections to move each mystery story forward and uncover the truth: You'll need to carefully piece together the fragments of each cryptic narrative as each chapter makes you stare into the void of the unexplained.

Twilight Land is a free atmospheric mystery adventure game that captures the essence of classic paranormal and sci-fi tales and mixes it in with contemporary hidden object and match-3 gameplay. Are you ready to confront the enigmas that shroud this quiet American town? Can you solve the puzzles that lie at the crossroads of the ordinary and the supernatural? Prepare to enter a dangerous new realm where nothing is as it seems, and the most obvious answers are never the right ones.

Features and Game Mechanics

Mystery Storylines: Explore Each One

The town of Twilight Land consists of several districts, each one featuring a separate mystery, a distinct story that is told through different locations in that district. As you make your way through match-3 quests and hidden object levels, you'll start to piece together the mind-boggling narrative, unraveling the truth behind each story. So, in a way, Twilight Land is a collection of standalone detective stories that are joined together by otherworldly and paranormal themes.

The Two Ways of Investigation

In Twilight Land, you have complete control over your gameplay experience thanks to G5's so far best combination of popular match-3 and hidden object mechanics. Each step of the way, you can choose between two modes: searching for hidden objects or solving match-3 puzzles. Select the game mode that feels right in the moment, and move the story forward by overcoming your chosen challenges. Basically, every time you enter a new level, you get to decide which game mode to use, making your gaming experience in Twilight Land extremely flexible and truly unique.

Complete Collections to Design Town and Unlock Story

Collection mechanics are commonly found in many match-3 and hidden object titles for mobile and PC, yet Twilight Land is unlike any other G5 game in this regard. Here, your assembled collections give you rewards along with a final item that you use in the game to improve the town's appearance and lift the curses from each given location. This, in turn, opens new districts and stories to investigate. Simply put, collections in Twilight Land aren't just ways to score rewards. They're key storyline drivers, an essential part of shaping the town's image, and a necessary tool in meeting the game's goal of restoring it and bringing its life back to normal.

General Information


Our fantasy story starts with Rosemary “Rose” Bell coming to the town of Twilight Land in search of her sister Margaret, who mysteriously disappeared after accepting a wedding invitation from someone named Mr. Black a few weeks back. All this time, Rose has been seeing her sister in her dreams, and it seems like Margaret is trying to tell her something. Unable to decipher her sister's message, Rose arrives in Twilight Land determined to get to the bottom of this eerie story, and from the get-go, she visits the exact spot where the wedding ceremony her sister was invited to was to take place. The tables are set, the carpets are laid out, and the whole venue is smothered in flowers, yet… the place is completely deserted and there isn't a soul in sight. Very disturbing to say the least.


In Twilight Land, players get to explore different intricately drawn locations in search of clues and, ultimately, answers. The first location is the stunning Pavilion, which holds the key to the first mystery. The number of levels you can play in the game is defined by the number of locations you've unlocked and by how much you've upgraded them by assembling collections and applying decorations. At the start of the game, you'll get to explore various parts of the Black Estate, including the Pavilion, the Manor, and the Stables. As you find more clues and unearth additional information, you'll get to move to other districts, progressing the story, and unraveling yet another layer of the mystery.


Twilight Land is a casual game aimed at players of all ages and skill sets, including more grown-up and mature players who appreciate a meaty narrative with classical mystery and sci-fi twists. That's why the difficulty level tends to increase very gradually without sudden spikes, so any player can explore the story and the mechanics at their own pace, slowly building up complexity as they progress from district to district. However, one can expect challenges to become increasingly harder as one advances further along the main story.

Rules of the Game

First of all, Twilight Land is a f2p or free to play game, which means you can match three, seek for objects, and solve the town's ultimate mystery, at absolutely no cost and with no registration.

In the game itself, the rules are rather simple: you always follow the story to a certain point that takes you to a specific location. Then, you decide how you'll explore that location: by solving match-3 puzzles or by trying to spot hidden objects in beautiful highly detailed scenes. The choice you make will determine how you complete level challenges and the toolset available to you during the level. For example, if you decide on match-3 as your game mode, you'll get tools that allow you to swap, destroy, or manipulate tiles on the screen in other ways. Yet if you opt for the hidden object game mode, the tools at your disposal will let you freeze time and help you locate the hidden items in the picture by highlighting them.

Successfully exploring a location through any game mode will result in you receiving investigation rewards and collection items. The more different collection items you get, the more collections you can complete. Which, in turn, lets you upgrade locations and further expand your storyline options. This cycle is the basic set of rules for Twilight Land. However, it's not as linear as may first appear. You see, only you decide which collections to assemble and which locations to upgrade/decorate. So your game will be unlike any other, and your journey will be truly unique.

How to Start Playing

To install the game on your phone, tablet, or computer, just follow one of the store links on G5's website. You'll be taken to the download page, where you can download and install Twilight Land onto your device. It's a free-to-play title, like all G5 games, so you don't need to worry about spending even a single penny to enjoy the best mystery ride of a lifetime!

Where to find help

For technical support, consult the official support page.

For guides, tips, and additional information, visit our blog full of expert insights into the mysteries that await you.


English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese


Compatible with:
iOS: iPhone 5s and higher, iPad mini 2 and higher, iPad 5 and higher, iPod Touch 6th and higher 12.0+ firmware
Android: 4.4 and up
Windows: 10.0 or later

Age rating

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