• Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match

    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
  • Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle

    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
  • Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle

    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
  • Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match

    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
  • Mary’s Mahjong: City Building

    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
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What is Mahjong on Google Play

Mahjong is a classic Chinese tile-matching game, while one of its offshoots, Mahjong Solitaire, has gained immense popularity as a casual mobile genre, particularly on Google Play as the main source of apps for Android devices. In Mahjong Solitaire, the central objective is to match pairs of identical tiles, systematically clearing the entire game board. While traditional Mahjong involves intricate gameplay requiring chess-like strategy, contemporary digital versions typically offer a more laid-back solo experience. These modern adaptations present a gradual challenge curve, ensuring that new players aren't immediately confronted with unsolvable puzzles but rather enjoy a step-by-step increase in difficulty.

If you like Android APK games, especially those designed for mobiles and tablets, you've likely encountered the captivating realm of Mahjong apps on Google Play. Mahjong games on Google Play are an ever-expanding and enthralling universe of tile-matching adventures and free fun puzzles. Read on to understand how the best Mahjong games from Google's app store work and why choosing a G5 title in the genre is a great idea!

Your tile-matching journey with G5 begins with a simple visit to the Google Play store on your Android phone or tablet. Search for 'Mahjong' amidst a myriad of games, and you'll find a selection that caters to diverse preferences. Mahjong games for mobiles, developed by G5, stand out as a top choice for those seeking an impeccable blend of adventure, puzzles, and engaging storylines.

G5 Mahjong on Google Play is also renowned for providing the best of both worlds – a free full-version gaming experience. With G5's commitment to F2P excellence, players can enjoy the complete Mahjong package without reaching into their pockets. It's an ideal combination of affordability and best-quality gameplay. From here on out, it's your call what to play and what setting to choose. We've got a bunch to pick from (see 'Best Mahjong Games on Google Play' below). 


Mechanics of the Games

Most of the Mahjong games on Google Play offer a range of captivating mechanics that can be categorized into several types. Below, you'll find a description of the most popular concepts found in many f2p (free-to-play) mahjong apps, including the ones developed by G5 Games.


Power-Ups: Boost Your Mahjong Experience

In Mahjong, power-ups are essential to help players on their adventurous journey. Even if the early levels seem easy, the layouts get more complicated as you move forward. Even experienced players face tough puzzles. In confusing moments or when you need a new view, various power-ups can help. These include hints showing removable tile pairs, shuffles rearranging tiles, and bonuses removing multiple pairs in a row. It's important to know that each game's specific power-ups and effects may differ, bringing a surprise element to every mahjong experience.


Collections: An Exciting Exploration

Many mahjong games have an interesting collection part to make gaming more fun. As you succeed in levels, you get specific items as rewards. These items add to your collection, along with experience points and in-game money. Usually, completing a collection means gathering about 5 or 6 unique items. Completing a set gives you special bonuses and moves the game's story forward. This feature encourages players to explore more, replay levels to find missing items and make the gaming experience even better.


Progression: Stories in Puzzles

Mahjong games aren't just about solving puzzles. They're immersive journeys with interesting stories. While the main gameplay is about solving logical problems, the stories make the whole experience a captivating adventure. Progress in these games happens in different ways. Stories introduce cool characters and surprising twists. There are also progression elements like unlocks, where reaching certain levels or meeting requirements adds new tiles and layouts, making the game more complex.


Challenges and Social Features: Satisfaction for Everyone

Achievements and high scores make players happy, whether they're competitive or casual mahjong fans. That's why many mahjong games have diverse challenges. These can be timed events where you race against the clock for points and prizes or community events played with other fans. These features add excitement to regular mahjong play and appeal to players with different styles. Whether you like playing alone or enjoy community competition, mahjong games have various challenges to keep you interested and satisfied.


Main Rules

Let's swiftly explore the essential principles of Mahjong to ensure we're all on the same page.



The main goal in modern Mahjong apps is to clear a board full of tiles by matching pairs of the same ones. You start with tiles arranged in different patterns, and your job is to remove all tiles to finish the game successfully.


Tile Set

A standard tile set usually has about 100-150 tiles, each with specific symbols. Some tiles have simple pictures like circles and triangles, while others fit the game's theme. For example, in a Wild West game, you might see symbols like cowboy boots and prairie animals, while an ancient Egyptian game could have scarab beetles and ankhs.


Matching Pairs

To get rid of tiles, you need to find and match identical pairs. The challenge is that you can only match tiles if they are free—no other tiles block them on their left or right side. These tiles must either be at the top or able to slide out without disturbing others.



In Android Mahjong games, you play by tapping on two tiles. If they form a valid pair with identical symbols, they disappear. Your goal is to clear pairs of tiles until none are left, winning when all tiles are successfully removed.


Tile Layouts

Mahjong games offer various tile patterns with different levels of difficulty. Some layouts are simple, while others are more challenging, requiring careful planning and strategy. These layouts aim to keep the game interesting, ranging from pyramids and turtles to dragons and more.


Mini Games

Mahjong doesn't stop at traditional tile-matching. The G5 apps offer a variety of mini-games within their framework, providing a refreshing change of pace. They inject diversity into the gameplay, ensuring that boredom and monotony are just distant thoughts.


The Best Mahjong Games on Google Play

Sheriff of Mahjong

Step into a story-rich Wild West adventure on Google Play with Sheriff of Mahjong. Revive a devastated frontier town by tackling numerous tile-matching levels. Confront the notorious Butler Gang, ascend to the position of town mayor, and engage in a unique combination of city-building and Mahjong gameplay. Unlock achievements, discover powerful power-ups, and play your part in rebuilding the legendary Wild West!


Emperor of Mahjong

Embark on a time-traveling journey to Ancient Rome. Restore a struggling settlement, banish corrupt officials, and enjoy a relaxing blend of city-building and tile-matching mechanics across thousands of levels. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Roman culture, undertake intriguing quests, and navigate suspenseful story twists, all within this one-of-a-kind G5 experience.


Pyramid of Mahjong

Unearth the mysteries of Ancient Egypt in the Pyramid of Mahjong. Revive a Nile Delta settlement, disrupt the plans of a power-hungry ruler, and safeguard valuable artifacts. Navigate through thousands of levels, unveil secrets, and experience the thrilling adventure of a third-generation architect in search of a missing sister as you unravel a gripping and intriguing storyline.


Mahjong Journey

Set out on an enchanting journey within the captivating world of Mahjong. Aid a young girl in her quest to reunite with her lost parents as you explore renowned locations like the Forbidden City, the Taj Mahal, and Mount Fuji. Traverse thousands of engaging puzzle levels, matching 2000+ distinctive tile types. Live the experience with stunning graphics and immersive sounds and enjoy regular updates to keep the adventure fresh.


Mary's Mahjong

Embark on a seaside renovation escapade with Mary. Join this optimistic lady in restoring West Haven Bay after her husband's disappearance, engaging in tile-matching challenges and city-building activities. Dive into classic Mahjong with a tropical twist, earning power-ups and coins as you assist Mary on her city-building journey.

How to Play

Getting your hands on a Mahjong game through Google Play is simple, fast, and absolutely free. Let's go through the steps of starting your very own tile-matching adventure. 


Installation Made Easy

The installation process is a breeze. With a quick download and a few taps, you can effortlessly install the Mahjong app on your Android device. Whether you're on a smartphone or tablet, Google Play ensures a seamless experience, courtesy of its user-friendly interface.


Unlimited Access to Fun

Once installed, Mahjong games offer unlimited access to worlds of fun. G5 games, including Mahjong titles, are free-to-play (F2P), allowing you to explore the in-game features without any financial commitment. Dive into the captivating universe of tile-matching puzzles, mini-games, and intricate storylines, all available at your fingertips at no cost.


Online and Offline Adventures

Mahjong on Google Play caters to all preferences. Whether you prefer online challenges against friends or offline play during your commute, G5 apps seamlessly accommodate both modes. This versatility ensures that the Mahjong fun never stops, whether you're connected to the internet or not.

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