• Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match

    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
  • Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle

    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
  • Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle

    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
  • Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match

    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
  • Mary’s Mahjong: City Building

    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
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What are mahjong games for Kindle Fire

Mahjong is a type of tile-matching game that originated in China several hundred years ago. Originally, it was designed as a competitive multiplayer experience, but with time, various versions of this popular game emerged, including the single-player mahjong solitaire puzzles, which became extremely popular in the form of apps for tablet and phone devices, including the world-famous Amazon Kindle tablet. If you're looking for a fun game app with simple rules yet deep and challenging gameplay, the G5 titles described here might be just what you need.

While being partially based on the original mahjong mechanics, modern mahjong solitaire versions of the game offer players a more relaxed, laid-back, and narrative-driven experience that does not require them to be online to play and focuses more heavily on the aesthetics of matching tiles and the underlying story. A solid storyline worthy of a page-turner novel is a staple for all casual G5 titles and an essential part of the unforgettable fun our games offer, along with state-of-the-art visuals, clear and simple tutorials, and a gradual increase in level difficulty that makes sure every gamer get their fair share of adventure fun.

Of course, there are many good, free, full games available for download for the Kindle tablet from the Amazon store, yet only a few of them can truly be called the best. In this text, we'll take a detailed look at the most popular games in the genre from G5 that offer it all: amazing graphics, beautiful sound design, captivating storylines, charming characters, and, of course, the addictively satisfying gameplay of matching tiles.


Mechanics of the games

Modern mahjong solitaire games for the Kindle Fire offer numerous engaging gameplay mechanics that enhance the traditional puzzle experience. Let's explore the dynamic features often found in many free-to-play mahjong apps, such as those developed by G5 Games.



In mahjong solitaire, power-ups are useful tools that assist players throughout their puzzle adventure. Initially, the game might seem easy, but the complexity increases as you advance, challenging even expert players to search for witty tactics when faced with new brain teaser tile arrangements. When you're stuck or just need to get through a tricky level, power-ups are invaluable. These include hints that spotlight possible matches, shuffles that mix up the tiles, and powerful bonuses that clear several pairs at once. Each game offers different power-ups, adding a unique thematic twist to the gameplay.



Collecting items is a core element in many popular casual games, and mahjong releases by G5 are no exception. As players tackle one level after another, they not only gain experience points and in-game currency but also receive unique items that can later be assembled into thematic collections. These collections typically require five to six related items to complete, and once they are completed, they yield special bonuses, advance the game's narrative, and provide an amazing sense of achievement. This feature promotes deep exploration and encourages replaying levels to find all the special items needed to complete your collections.



All G5 mahjong solitaire games feature unforgettable storylines with interesting characters and unexpected plot twists. While puzzle-solving is at the heart of the game, these narratives bind the levels together, creating a seamless and engaging adventure. The more you delve into the story, the more complex puzzles you encounter on your way, giving you a real sense of progression and immersion.


Challenges and Competitions

Mahjong solitaire caters to both competitive spirits and those who play for relaxation. If you enjoy a healthy challenge, love to score higher than anyone else in the world, and pride yourself on unlocking all the achievements, you'll be delighted by timed in-game events where you race against the clock and other players to meet all the objectives and get the most rewards for being the most efficient tile matching master out there. However, if you prefer a more chill approach and like to take things at your own pace, you can totally do that. A free full version of any G5 game will be your ideal companion for when you're on a coffee break, lying on the couch in your living room, or just commuting to work.


Main rules

The rules of mahjong solitaire are very simple and straightforward, yet it's still best to talk through them.


Objective of the game

The primary goal in mahjong solitaire games is to clear a board full of tiles by finding and matching pairs of identical tiles. The game starts with tiles arranged in specific patterns, and your task is to remove all the tiles to finish the game.


Tile sets

All the tiles laid out on a game board before the start of a level are called a tile set. A standard mahjong tile set includes about 100-150 tiles divided into various categories with distinctive symbols. These can range from abstract geometric shapes such as circles and squares to more thematic designs relevant to the game's setting, such as lassos and wagons in a Wild West game or hieroglyphs and ancient symbols in an Egyptian-themed game.


Matching pairs

To remove tiles, you must match pairs of identical tiles that are free, meaning they shouldn't be blocked by other tiles on either side. Only the topmost tiles or those that can slide out freely can be matched and thus removed from the game. Often, you'll find that several pairs can be matched at the same time, and that's where strategic thinking comes into play. Trying to calculate several moves ahead and anticipating what tiles are more probable to be revealed under the ones you remove is the main source of fun in mahjong solitaire games for Kindle Fire tablet and other supported devices. At the start of the game, when levels are simple, your moves may seem obvious to you, but after a few dozen warmup levels, you'll notice that being hasty and choosing the most evident moves might not always be your best bet. The seemingly simple and straightforward mechanic of matching tiles is actually a doorway to deep strategic planning.



When playing a free full version of any G5 game on your Kindle Fire tablet, you tap on tiles to select them. If they are a correct match, they disappear from the board. If not, the game will show you why the tiles cannot be removed. Continue tapping and matching tiles until all tiles are cleared. You win by successfully removing every tile from the board.


Tile layouts

Mahjong solitaire offers a variety of tile layouts, each with different levels of difficulty. From simple designs like a rectangle or a pyramid to complex structures depicting mythical creatures, these layouts keep the game engaging and challenging at all times.


The best mahjong games for kindle fire

Sheriff of Mahjong

Set out on a fun and exciting adventure through the prairies of the Wild West. This title skillfully combines tile-matching puzzles and city-building elements as you work to revive a devastated frontier town. Battle the notorious Butler Gang, rise to become the mayor, and restore the town to its former glory. Unlock achievements and discover powerful power-ups like Dice and Dynamite to aid in your brain teaser journey as you blast through thousands of challenging levels, enriching the classic mahjong experience with a unique historical twist​.


Emperor of Mahjong

Step back into glorious Ancient Rome, where you are tasked with restoring a struggling settlement on the outskirts of the Empire. This game blends tile-matching with city-building gameplay, set against a backdrop of rich Roman culture. Engage with captivating characters from all walks of life and protect locals from corrupt villains as you progress through thousands of beautifully crafted levels. Unravel a suspenseful story filled with intrigue and experience mahjong like never before.


Pyramid of Mahjong
Travel through the sands of time to Ancient Egypt and get engulfed in the engaging narrative that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. As a third-generation architect, you are on a quest to revive a Nile Delta settlement and disrupt the plans of a power-hungry ruler, all the while searching for your missing sister. Explore thousands of levels, protect valuable artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, and unravel the mysteries surrounding your missing sibling.


Mahjong Journey

Join a young girl and her cat on an enchanting journey across the globe. This adventure takes you through historically significant sites such as the Forbidden City, Virupaksha Temple, Taj Mahal, and Mount Fuji. Engage in over 2600 immersive puzzle levels with more than 2800 types of tiles across 70+ tile sets. Experience the thrill of regular free updates, adding new levels and tile sets. As you play, collect achievements and master innovative gameplay tools like Shuffle and Firecracker power-ups. Enjoy stunning graphics and rich sounds in a game that you can play online or offline, optimized for a variety of devices​.


Mary's Mahjong

Join Mary in her fun seaside renovation venture in West Haven Bay. After her husband's disappearance, Mary takes on the challenge of restoring the town through mahjong-based puzzles and city-building tasks. Dive into a tropical twist on classic mahjong solitaire, earning power-ups and coins to help rebuild the town. Engage in a deeply personal story while enjoying the relaxing gameplay that mahjong games of this subgenre capture perfectly​.


How to play

Getting your mahjong adventure underway is very easy: just follow the links from this page to find the G5 title that suits you perfectly, and then use the button “Available at Amazon Appstore” to quickly download and install the free full version of our app from the official store. That's it! After that, just find the game's icon on the home screen of your Kindle Fire tablet and launch it. Happy gaming!

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