• Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match

    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
  • Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle

    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
  • Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle

    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
  • Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match

    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
  • Mary’s Mahjong: City Building

    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
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What is Mahjong?

Mahjong, also often misspelled as majong, is a fun and popular tile match game that was originally created in 19th-century China. There are several variants of mahjong games out there, yet the most popular version that received the most digital adaptations is mahjong solitaire, also known as Shanghai Mahjong. As the name suggests, it's a single-player puzzle whose gameplay mechanic revolves around players removing pairs of same-type tiles from the game board each turn until there are no tiles left. Despite the simple mechanics, mahjong requires a lot of strategic thinking from players and a bit of luck. 

The first computer versions of this puzzle started coming out in the 1980s, and the popularity of these titles has kept growing to this day. Nowadays, you can find a mahjong game for PC with almost any theme, adventure storyline, and complexity level. There are literally hundreds of them on the market, and most of them are available to download and play for free. 

If you’re looking for a relaxed, meditative casual genre that goes well with your morning coffee or makes your lunch break more entertaining, make sure to check out the assortment of mahjong titles from G5, we’ve got a few fun games to choose from! 


Why are Mahjong games so popular on PC?

While mahjong video games are popular in general across numerous platforms and in recent years have made a breakthrough on mobile devices, PC titles of the genre still remain in high demand among players. There are several reasons for this, so let’s take a closer look at each of them.

First of all, games for PC offer more comfort thanks to the generally bigger screens compared to any mobile devices like phones or tablets. Modern computer screens usually range between 15 and 30+ inches in diagonal and offer a high-resolution picture that's easy on the eyes, to say the least. The size of the screen and the details of the game elements are particularly important for people with impaired vision who may have trouble dealing with smaller icons on smaller screens. 

Second, your PC can house both your work and your entertainment, so there’s no need to lose your attention span by switching from one device to another. It’s easier to control how much time you allocate to gaming when you play on the same device you work on. For example, if you play games on your phone, there's a high chance that during your playtime or after it, you’ll get distracted by a social media notification, a message, or something else that will take you into another app and eventually eat up your time. Keeping your work and play to one device, your PC, allows you to avoid these distractions and get more done!

Last but not least, the PC versions of G5 games available for free through the G5 Store offer a ton of additional bonuses compared to versions of games you can download and install from various app stores. These include regular gifts, special limited offers, discounts, and more. So when you opt to play on your computer, you increase the amount of goodies received for free and expand your options in the game stores. 


Mechanics of the games

Modern mahjong solitaire games offer a variety of engaging mechanics that keep players coming back for more, and these can differ slightly from title to title, but they can be grouped by type. Let’s take a look at the most popular ideas used in most f2p apps for PC.



At the start of a game, levels may look easy and the right winning moves may seem obvious. However, later on in the adventure, even the most seasoned players will encounter challenging and tricky setups that’ll have anyone scratching their head. So, if you feel stuck or just can’t figure out the next move, there are various power-ups to help you get rolling. The most common ones found in almost any mahjong game out there include hints that show you one or several pairs of tiles that can be removed, shuffles that randomly rearrange the current tiles so you can get a fresh perspective, and the more powerful bonuses that simply remove the next five pairs of tiles from the board for you. Individual power-ups and their effect will differ from game to game, even in G5 titles, so to get a better understanding, make sure to download and play some of the games. 



In many mahjong games, you'll encounter a collection mechanic. This involves the task of gathering specific items as you progress in the game. These items are earned as rewards when you complete levels, alongside experience points and in-game currency. You typically need to gather about 5 or 6 different items to complete a collection. When you collect all the items in a set, you'll be rewarded with special bonuses, progress further in the game's story, and experience a great sense of accomplishment. This feature encourages you to explore the game thoroughly, replay levels to find any missing items, and enjoy a longer-lasting and more satisfying gaming experience.



Single-player games usually offer various ways to acknowledge a player’s progress, and mahjong solitaire titles are no exception. Most games have this in the form of an engaging storyline filled with interesting characters, unexpected plot twists, and page-turner intrigue. The story isn’t exactly a gameplay element because the actual mahjong levels are just about solving logical puzzles, yet it ties together the whole experience, making the game not just a set of individual brain teasers but a continuous captivating adventure. Other examples of progression mechanics include so-called unlocks: new tiles and tile layouts that become available once a player reaches a certain level or meets any other special requirements like gathering a certain collection. 


Challenges and Social

Whether you’re a competitive try-harder or just a casual mahjong enjoyer, you know how a sense of accomplishment feels when you unlock a new achievement or get the highest score in a certain mini-game. That’s why almost all mahjong games offer challenges of different nature: either timed events where you compete against the clock to score the most points and claim prizes or community events where you compete against other players. These mechanics always add some spice to the standard mahjong gameplay.


Main Rules

Here are the basic and most common rules of Mahjong Solitaire video games:


The main objective of mahjong solitaire is to clear a board filled with tiles by matching pairs of identical tiles. The game typically starts with a preset layout of tiles arranged in various patterns, and your goal is to remove all the tiles to complete the game.

Tile Set

Standard tile sets usually consist of about 100-150 tiles. These tiles are divided into different categories represented by specific symbols. Some of the imagery on tiles can be generic, like circles, triangles, and other geometric shapes, while others will be thematic to the title at hand. For instance, in a game about the Wild West and frontier exploration, some of your tiles will feature symbols like cowboy boots, prairie animals, and revolver pistols, while in a game about ancient Egypt, you’ll encounter tiles with scarab beetles, ankhs, and other appropriate symbols. 

Matching Pairs

To remove tiles from the board, you need to find and match pairs of identical tiles. Tiles can only be matched if they are free, meaning they aren't blocked by other tiles on the left or right side. The tile must be exposed or able to slide out of its position without disturbing other tiles.


In a typical mahjong game, you select two tiles by clicking or tapping them. If they're a valid pair (the symbols on them are identical), they'll be removed from the board. Your aim is to continue this process, clearing pairs of tiles until there are no more tiles left on the board. The game ends when you successfully clear all the tiles.

Tile Layouts

Mahjong solitaire games feature a wide variety of tile layouts or patterns with different levels of complexity. Some layouts are relatively straightforward, while others are more challenging, requiring careful planning and strategy to clear all the tiles. These layouts can include shapes like pyramids, turtles, dragons, and many others.


While mahjong games often don't focus on scoring in the traditional sense, they do tend to motivate you to remove pairs of tiles in quick succession. For example, several G5 mahjong games offer a mechanic that greatly increases your chances of finding collection items on levels for removing 5 or more pairs of tiles promptly one after another.


Mahjong solitaire offers a relaxing yet mentally stimulating gaming experience, making it a beloved choice for players seeking a combination of strategy, puzzle, and entertainment. Whether you're a seasoned mahjong enthusiast or new to the game, the basic rules remain consistent across various G5 games offered on our website, providing an enjoyable and accessible puzzle-solving experience.


The best Mahjong games for PC

Mahjong Journey

Set out on a captivating adventure to help a young girl and her cat search the globe for her lost parents, dismantling hundreds of tile layouts. Explore the Forbidden City, Taj Mahal, and Mount Fuji on quests. Master over 2600 puzzle levels and match over 2800 tile types. With beautiful graphics, rich sounds, and regular free updates, you'll be addicted from the first tutorial level!


Sheriff of Mahjong

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the Wild West! Play thousands of tile-matching levels to revive a once-destroyed frontier town. Meet charismatic characters, battle the notorious Butler Gang, and become the town's mayor. With a unique mix of city-building and tile-matching gameplay, thwart outlaws and get your citizens' fortune back on track. Collect achievements, unlock power-ups like Dice and Dynamite, and rebuild the Wild West's legend. Sheriff of Mahjong offers a captivating blend of history, challenging logic puzzles, and gorgeous graphics. It's time to save Colinstown and create your own legacy!


Emperor of Mahjong

Travel back in time to Ancient Rome and restore a struggling settlement to its former glory in this epic title that blends city-building and tile-matching gameplay. Play thousands of immersive levels, meet captivating characters, and protect the honest local folks from evil-minded villains in the government. Rebuild the village into a sprawling Roman city, ensuring fortune smiles upon its citizens. Unveil an atmospheric setting filled with Mediterranean culture, epic quests, and twists and turns. Dive into Roman history, meet nobles, craftsmen, and Gods, and create your own legendary tale.


Pyramid of Mahjong

Discover the enigmas of Ancient Egypt in Pyramid of Mahjong, an extraordinary tile-matching adventure! Revive a Nile Delta settlement to its former glory by playing through thousands of levels, interacting with heartful characters, and disrupting the plans of the power-mad ruler named Irsu. Transform this ravaged area into a treasure of the New Kingdom as a third-generation architect in search of your missing sister, unravel mysteries, safeguard powerful artifacts, and restore prosperity to your settlers.


Mary’s Mahjong

Join Mary in a seaside renovation adventure in the charming town of West Haven Bay! As an architect returning home, Mary faces the challenge of restoring the town after her husband's disappearance. Match tiles to build new city structures, cater to residents' needs and attract tourists. Dive into a classic mahjong game with a tropical twist, unveiling town secrets and family mysteries. Blast through levels, earn power-ups and coins, and organize citywide events. Uncover hidden treasures or tackle challenging puzzles as you assist Mary in this colorful city-building adventure!


How to play:

To play free G5 mahjong games on your PC, simply open the G5 website and either download and install the games through G5 Launcher or start playing straight in your browser window. Let’s quickly go through both of these options. 


G5 Launcher

Find the game in the G5 catalog, open its page, and click the green 'Download for Windows' button. You’ll be prompted to save and download an installation file. Save the file in a directory of your choice and launch it when done. This will install the G5 Launcher, a handy app that helps you keep all of the G5 titles in one place and access cool features other platforms can’t offer. Once the G5 Launcher is installed, start the app to automatically open the game you wanted.


Online Play

If you prefer to skip the download and installation process, there's an alternative for playing G5 games right in your web browser. This approach relies on a stable internet connection, making it ideal for situations when you're away from your home or work computer where the game is typically installed. Be sure to use your G5 Friends account to log in, ensuring that your progress remains synchronized no matter which device you're currently using.

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