• Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match

    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
    Mahjong Journey®: Tile Match
  • Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match

    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
    Sheriff of Mahjong®: Tile Match
  • Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle

    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
    Pyramid of Mahjong: Master tile matching puzzle
  • Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle

    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
    Emperor of Mahjong®: Connect pair matching puzzle
  • Mary’s Mahjong: City Building

    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
    Mary’s Mahjong: City Building
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Explore the magical world of mahjong solitaire games from G5 and start an adventure of a lifetime on your Apple iPad tablet!


What is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a name that is used for a number of fun ancient-styled games originating in China. In real life, mahjong is played on a table with a set of rectangular tiles, but in the modern world, most games are played through an app on a tablet or smartphone. Some types of mahjong are competitive and multiplayer, while others are solo and solitaire-like. The latter have become quite popular on mobile devices like the iPad and other tablets. All mahjong apps for iPad from G5 are solo games in which you solve logical puzzles, explore breathtaking stories, and have an unforgettable, fun, and brain-boosting online experience.


In short, your goal in mahjong games is to remove all tiles from the board. You do this by removing one pair of identical tiles at a time. Just tap one tile on the screen of your Apple iPad tablet and then the other. Voila! However, it's not as easy as it sounds because there are certain limits to which tiles can be removed (more on that later on). Also, the gameplay has a time limit because the faster you find matching pairs and remove them from the game, the more rewards you get!

Mechanics of the Games

Let's explore the world of modern mahjong games for Apple iPad and the captivating mechanics they offer that can be categorized into different types.


Power-Ups: Boosting Your Adventure

In G5 mahjong games, special items called power-ups are super important. They have unique abilities to help you during your adventure. The first few levels might seem easy, but they gradually get harder and harder. When you feel stuck or need a new perspective, various power-ups can help you out. These include hints that show which tiles can be removed, shuffles that mix up the tiles on the screen, and mighty bonuses that remove several pairs in a row. The specific power-ups and what they do can be different in each game, making your strategy more interesting.


Collections: Gathering Rewards and Experience

Collection mechanics add a fun and exciting element to popular mahjong titles for iPad. As you progress through levels, you accumulate specific items, earn experience points, and gather in-game currency. Building a thematic collection, typically composed of 5 or 6 different items, unlocks special bonuses and advances the storyline. This feature encourages thorough exploration and replaying of levels to complete collections, making the whole gaming experience richer. 


Progression: Storylines and Unlocks

Mahjong solitaire games focus on solving puzzles and offer engaging storylines that could be turned into a page-turner novel. These stories introduce intriguing characters and plot twists, transforming the gameplay into a captivating and continuous adventure. Additionally, progressing through the game offers unlocks, such as new tiles and layouts. This dynamic keeps the game fresh time after time, motivating you to explore further.


Challenges and Social Features: Competitive Fun

For both competitive players and casual mahjong enthusiasts, achieving high scores and unlocking achievements brings great satisfaction. Mahjong games often include various challenges, including timed events where you compete against the clock for points and prizes. Additionally, community events allow you to play with other players, adding a social dimension to gameplay. These features infuse the standard mahjong experience with extra fun and excitement.


Main Rules

Let's quickly talk about the basic rules of mahjong solitaire games.



In mahjong solitaire, your main goal is to clear the board by matching pairs of identical tiles. Your mission is to remove all the tiles and finish the game.

Tile Set

The standard set has 100-150 tiles with different symbols. Some tiles show simple shapes, while others match the game's theme. For example, a Wild West game may have tiles with images of revolver pistols and tumbleweeds and an ancient-styled game about Rome – laurels and harps.

Matching Pairs

To remove tiles, find and match identical pairs. But here's the catch: tiles can only be matched if they're free and not blocked by others on their sides. They should be at the top or able to slide out without disturbing others.


Pretty straightforward, be it an iPad tablet or any other iOS device: tap two tiles to make them vanish if they have the same symbol. Keep doing this until all the tiles are gone.

Tile Layouts

Mahjong games offer various patterns in which the game tiles can be laid out, from easy to challenging, like pyramids and dragons, keeping the game fun and interesting.


Best Mahjong Games for iPad


Mahjong Journey

Get ready to travel the world and help a girl find her lost parents! Explore iconic locations, play through numerous beautiful tile sets, and challenge yourself with awesome mini-games to have tons of fun and keep your mind sharp!


Sheriff of Mahjong

Dust off after a long road, grab a mug of some refreshing beverage and get familiar with this quiet place they call Colinstown. On second thought, it's not that quiet. Bandit attacks, ravaged lands, scared people… Someone needs to set things right, and you're the perfect candidate. There's a new sheriff in town! (you)


Emperor of Mahjong

If you're often thinking about the Roman Empire or if you're just a fan of ancient-styled games, this one's for you! Get ready for an amazing story full of intrigue, double-crossing, honest friendship, loyalty, and even magic. Match tiles, blast through picturesque levels and locations, and rebuild a once-prosperous town to its former glory!


Pyramid of Mahjong

Take a trip to ancient Egypt to the time the pyramids were built and experience the life of an architect in the times of the New Kingdom. Meet charming characters and sinister villains, observe court intrigues and historical events, and stop the forces of evil from obtaining an all-powerful artifact!


Mary's Mahjong

Embark on a renovation journey with Mary in West Haven Bay. Revitalize the town following her husband's disappearance, match tiles to construct city structures, and unveil hidden town secrets. Immerse yourself in a classic mahjong adventure with a tropical twist, earning power-ups and coins as you aid Mary in her endeavor to build the city of her dreams.


Is it free to play on the iPad?

All G5 games of all genres are free to play, meaning you can enjoy the entire experience without spending any money. You get access to free full versions of the game, meaning you get all the content, puzzles, levels, collections, and features at no cost and without any time limits. Play as much as you want for free. If you want to progress faster or get extra rewards, you can opt for in-app purchases to make your gaming experience better.

Another important note: our games don't have annoying ads that you can't skip. Sometimes, you can choose to watch a short video to get extra rewards, but you're always in control. We won't make you watch ads if you don't want to.


How to Play

Setting out on a journey with G5 mahjong games is super simple. Just find the game in the catalog that feels interesting and fun, tap it, and on the next page, select the "Download on the App Store" button. You'll be forwarded to the App Store page of this game, from where you can download and install it. That's it. Enjoy the mahjong ride of your life! 

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