Who we are looking for:

  • Experienced mobile game development studios for Work for Hire cooperation, for both full game development cycle work and outsourcing tasks.
  • Aspiring development teams that are interested in joining G5 and possibly establishing a new development office of the company - we consider different countries and cities.
  • Independent game developers and studios with promising games, complete or in development, for potential publishing partnership. We are interested in free-to-play games in hidden object, mahjong, match 3, simulation and other genres.
  • We are hiring! We are one of the leading developers and publishers of mobile games and we can offer exciting opportunities for someone looking to work in games industry or already working in games. Join our amazing team and make games that millions of players are going to enjoy!

Who we are and what we do:

  • We are the leading developer & publisher of casual free-to-play games on mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows Stores.
  • 26 Free-to-play games in our portfolio account 98% of G5’s revenue.
  • We usually create games for casual game players, with particular focus on female players, but we are open to consider games for other audiences.
  • Our main territories are North America, Europe and Asia, and our most popular genres are hidden object, mahjong, match 3, simulation.

Reasons to work with G5:

  • We are reliable partner: G5 is a public company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (NASDAQ OMX: G5EN.ST).
  • We treat our part of the job seriously: we work closely with our partners as long as it takes to achieve substantial creative and financial success.
  • We offer fair revenue share terms. We’ve paid tens of millions of US dollars in royalties to the developers to date.
  • We take care of considerable investments in worldwide marketing, promotion and user acquisition.
  • We have large cross-selling network which means high-quality organic traffic and direct access to the target audience for our partners.
  • We offer wide range of financial support, from advances to full funding.
  • We provide access to our best practices gained by long-time experience in game development.
  • We localize our games in 16 languages to reach our players worldwide and help with QA at all key stages.

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