G5 Gemini
The G5™ Gemini™ is our most versatile model providing physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and massage therapy applications. This model offers a macro head and a micro head for specialized therapy. The micro head is used on hard to reach areas, pediatrics, geriatrics, and people with sentisivity to vibration. The micro head provides concentrated therapy while the macro head provides therapy to larger muscle groups or areas. Comes with a standard applicator package and a Micro Applicator Package (package of micro applicators).

Unit Advantages:
  • Extremely versatile
  • Provides two sized heads for more specialized therapy
  • Percussive Phlegm Mobilizer technology
  • Adjunct for Postural Drainage
  • Quick access to supplies and accessories with two (2) storage bins
  • Combination easy-to-use display console and motor speed control
  • Quiet motor
  • Attractive white housing blends into its environment
  • All machines will be 24 volt operation, with our proprietary power supply provided at no additional charge, to convert 110 volt thru 240 volt input to 24 volts.


Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
G5 Gemini
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