Home Care

General Physiotherapy's G5® Brand Home-Care Massagers and Percussors are designed for safe use in the home by patients of all ages who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or who have stiff, aching muscles.

Home Care Modalities:

The G5® Flimm-Fighter® and Vibracare® are Directional-Stroking® Respiratory PERCUSSORS which are Medicare-reimburseable, and are also covered by most Private Insurance Plans.

All G5® Brand modalities are FDA-registered, and are 24 volt products, for extra safety in Homecare applications. G5® Brand home-care PERCUSSORS are especially-helpful in loosening, and in helping to mobilize thick bronchial secretions, as a result of their unique Directional-Stroking action. G5® Brand homecare percussors are also extremely-helpful in stimulating the cough mechanism, to assist in coughing up bronchial secretions.

In hospitals, G5® Brand Percussors are the "Gold Standard" for Chest Physical Therapy and airway clearance therapy. However, many Respiratory Therapists and Physicans have not been aware that there are G5® Homecare models available.

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Directional Stroking®/Directional Percussion:

Directional Stroking G5® Brand Percussion modalities provide a unique, trademarked action (see diagram) called Directional Stroking® / Directional Percussion, which combine horizontal and vertical forces to produce a resultant directional force when applied to the body. The directional force produces a very gentle but very deep-penetrating result, which is simultaneously gentle, but highly effective in loosening deep-seated secretions and in helping to mobilize secretions in a selected direction. Effective respiratory care and physical therapy requires that percussion, vibration, and mobilization be accomplished. Equally important, patient compliance is enhanced as a result of our comfortable and safe Directional-Stroking® motion.