General Physiotherapy History
MM. H. Cuinier & T. P. Muchisky
Henri Cuinier and Tom Muchisky

Henri Cuinier, a French engineer formerly with Renault, invented, patented and began manufacturing G5® Massage Modalities in Marmande, France in 1957 - more than 50 years ago!

In the early 1970's, Henri Cuinier appointed Tom Muchisky, an American businessman with background in the medical equipment distribution field, to become the exclusive North American distributor for all G5® products.

In the 1980's, after Henri Cuinier's retirement, Tom Muchisky acquired world-wide distribution rights, and began production and distribution of an expanded line of G5® massagers and percussion products, with factories in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and Casteljaloux, France.

Today, with more than 100,000 G5® massage and percussion products sold worldwide, the G5® brand of products has become firmly established as part of the basic equipment of professional therapists in the fields of respiratory therapy; physical therapy; chiropractic sports medicine and spa and beauty salons throughout the world.

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